HR Strip Equipment

The mechanical equipment of production line is by the national large-scale mechanical processing enterprise --Tianjin heaven in weight heavy machine (Group ) Corporation accept and make, the electric control system adopts PLC artificial intelligent control system of the latest S7-400 of Siemens (S7-400 is the fastest CPU in S7 series PLC with DP port series), not only has met the technological requirement produced live but also provided the flexible man-machine operation interface conveniently for production operation, possess seven major characteristics
1 Technological advance
2 Extremely fast speed
3 Strong dependability
4 Very high precision
5 Easy to operate
6 Debug and overhaul safeguarding it conveniently
7 Second automatic network
The scheme of the collecting and distributing control system (DCS ) that the computer network makes up, has fully reflected the modern computer which disperses controlling , centralized management controls the thought. The key of this technological transformation lies in little tension controls and closes the ring to control with the kink, make the automatic scheme have There is advance, fast and improving the output and quality

Four Roller Machine
Anneal Equipment
Plan Landscape Orientation
Cutting Off Machine
Pulling Machine
Six-roller Rolling Mill
S Roller Leveing Off Machine
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